Malta Citizenship Scheme – MIIP

A special program for non EU citizens, to gain EU and Maltese Citizenship. As a successful candidate you will be granted citizenship of Malta, including EU citizenship. Which you can also extend to include your family.


Become an EU Citizen

You’ll have the right to live, study, work in any of the 28 EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein & Switzerland.

Visa Free Travel

Visa free travel to 168 countries including UK, US, Canada & the right to stay in one place for up to 90 days in the Schengen Area.

High Level of Education

Access to high level / top-tier British Education and renowned English Language Schools.

High Quality Healthcare

Access to highly reputed health care.

Not only will we assist you in the necessary procedures, we can also help you:

Find the right property, for you to buy or rent.

Deal with local insurance companies, for the necessary health and house insurance

Accompany you to the respective offices to submit necessary applications

Introduce you to a local bank and help you open an account

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EU Citizenship Application Process


You must be at least 18 years of age
You’re required to make an investment, in government bonds and buy/rent a property (see required investments below)
You must pass the due diligence process to ensure you’re a reputable applicant to be granted Maltese citizenship

The application Procedure


Check Eligibility and Prepare Documents: We’ll ensure you’re eligible to apply for the citizenship scheme, prepare and collect all required documents.


Apply for Residency Card: We’ll submit a residence card application, to set the clock ticking for the required 12 month residency. Your presence is required as biometrics will need to be captured.


Submission of Application: We’ll submit the application along with the required payments to the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency (MIIPA).


Approval letter: MIIPA checks to ensure all documentation is in and issues an approval letter, once your due diligence process is satisfied.


Settlement of Contribution: A formal request is issued whereby you are required to settle the contribution within 20 working days.


Proof of Investment: We’ll support you in providing evidence of your property investment, together with your health insurance and other requirements.


Oath of Allegiance: After your obligations are fulfilled, along with your family members, will be invited to take an Oath of Allegiance in Malta.


Certificate of Naturalisation and Maltese Passport Application: The Certificate of Naturalisation and Maltese Passport Application are issued by the Government.

Required Investment


You’re required to make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.The following contributions must be made within four months of being issued a Malta IIP Letter of Approval in Principle

Main Applicant650,000
Minor Children25,000
Children 18 - 26 (unmarried)50,000
Dependent parents and grandparents50,000
Adult children (physically or mentally challenged)50,000

Property Investment

You must commit to retaining a property in Malta for a minimum of five years. You have two options. Either buying a property for at least €350,000, which you can sell after five years. Or by renting a property for five years or more with a minimum annual rent of €16,000.

Bonds Investment

Before being admitted for Maltese citizenship by investment, you are required to invest at least €150,000 in government approved financial instruments (bonds, stocks, and debentures that benefit the nation). And must commit to keeping the investment for at least five years.

Residence Requirement

Upon purchasing real estate or entering a property lease in Malta, you are issued a Malta identity document called an eResidence card. This signifies the commencement of your residency in Malta. After twelve months that you have established residency in Malta, you’ll be granted citizenship.

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Is the Malta Investment Citizenship Permanent?

“Malta citizenship through investment is granted by a Certificate of Naturalisation, and once you obtain EU citizenship via the Malta Individual Investor Program you will have it forever and can even pass it on to future generations.”

Is There a Language Requirement?

“There are no citizenship tests included in the Malta investment program, and applicants are not required to know Maltese or even English to be accepted into the financial citizenship program.”

Can a Maltese Passport Be Revoked?

“European citizenship granted under the Malta Individual Investor Program can be revoked if an applicant does not follow through with all the requirements of the citizenship by investment programme. To be granted citizenship, applicants commit to retaining a residence in Malta for five years and also keeping their Maltese bonds investment for a minimum of five years. If a person does not comply with these requirements and stops renting an apartment or sells their home in Malta before the five years is up, they can have their citizenship as well as their EU passport taken away.”

If parents acquire citizenship in Malta, are the children also able to apply on this ground?

“Yes, that would be the case. Children growing up and being educated in Malta would also serve as a very good motivation for citizenship.”

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